Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Joslyn Art Museum Trunk Rental

Did you know that the Joslyn Art Museum has trunks they check out on loan to educators and community groups? I totally forgot about this until late last night when I was thinking about our project for the week. We are studying Ancient Civilizations and it just came to me that they had this program! Feel free to check it out at their website. They have a little directory of what they have in each trunk

Here is a description from their website:
Outreach Trunks
Joslyn's Outreach Trunks are multidisciplinary education resources designed to strengthen students' appreciation of art. They are excellent stand-alone materials for use in the classroom, and can also help teachers prepare for or follow-up their visit to Joslyn Art Museum. Trunks can be used with any grade level unless otherwise noted.
Trunks are available for loan to schools and community groups at no charge, and can include materials such as:
Teacher guides with lesson plans
Hands-on objects
Poster reproductions
Classroom activities
Videos and DVDs
CDs of images
In addition, we are proud to offer two new Outreach Trunks designed specifically for students with special needs. We have also included Braille and large print descriptive labels for all hands-on objects in the trunks.
Please note that Joslyn will ship trunks via UPS to teachers outside of the Omaha metro area. Teachers within the Omaha area are to pick up and return the trunks to Joslyn Art Museum.
For more information please call (402)342-3300 or click here to email Joslyn's outreach staff.

Other trunks are also available through the Nebraska Humanities Council. They have 4 cultural encounter kits available.

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