Monday, December 8, 2008

Moms Night Out Christmas Cookie Exchange

This is pretty adventurous for our group, but I think it will be fun and festive!! Please give it a try. We are a forgiving group and will love YOU and YOUR COOKIES TOO!

Come spend a fun and festive night out with other homeschool Moms! Sample delicious home-baked treats and end the party with a large batch of assorted holiday cookies to take home!

What: Mom’s Night Out
What will we be doing: Christmas Cookie Exchange
Where: Mary Hughes Home (Northwest of 180th and Center)
When: Friday, Dec. 12th 6:30pm
What to bring: 4-6 dozen of one type of cookie (we will eat some there and each person will be able to take home a nice selection to their family). See guidelines for a cookie exchange listed below.

RSVP by Tuesday, Dec. you can get to baking!

Guidelines for a cookie exchange
All cookies must be homemade
Please bring 4-6 dozen cookies (the variation is due to the fact that some cookies are more time intensive. You are more than welcome to bring MORE than 4 dozen…please!)
Theme is Christmas cookies – no chocolate chip unless they are really different
Avoid no bake cookies
Arrange your cookies in a basket or platter…be creative (I know….but you can do it!)
Bring a large container to carry away your cookies…remember, you’ll be able to take a bunch home to your family!
Bring a copy of your recipe
If you don’t have time to bake, feel free to buy some from a real bakery!

Bake your cookies at least 2-3 days in advance. The biggest reason for not coming is you don’t have time to bake them. This means don’t bake them on FRIDAY!!! Another reason to do it early is that it gives them time to “dry out” a bit. A freshly baked cookie is not a good cookie to take somewhere.

This Mom’s night out will take a little bit of effort and it will be worthwhile!

Ideas for cookies:

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