Sunday, August 1, 2010

Getting ready for back to school...

We are getting ready for back to school at our house. You might wonder what that looks like. Well, it includes all the normal stuff. We buy new school supplies, I get my book list together and decide what I need to purchase, I coordinate the calendar with classes, sports, etc. We also are in great need of cleaning out our old school spots and paper stashes. WOW! Where did all of this paper come from? So, in the next couple of weeks, the Baker girls will be busy cleaning out their old papers from previous school sessions that have been stashed! I try to keep just one box of keepsake school papers for the girls by grade level (but honestly haven't been that good at doing it the past couple of years). Hopefully, most of the papers we find can be tossed and maybe we'll find a jewel or two to keep!

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