Thursday, September 4, 2008

Monthly Meeting Reminder

Gretna KNIGHTS Homeschool Group Monthly Meeting
This is a kid focused meeting so they can have some fun with other homeschooled kids! Moms come and have fun WITH your kids and the other Moms.

Gretna Community Church (the church next to the Speedee Mart on Hwy 31/6)
321 S. HWY 6 Gretna, NE 68028

Friday, September 5th from 2:30-4:00pm. Please be ON TIME! We are going to start the meetings promptly this year so we can all get home on time and make dinner! We will meet on the first Friday of the month from September until May.

What we’ll do this month:
1. Round Table Time – Introductions and birthday recognition. We’ll talk about what we are going to do this year as well (field trips, music concert, Mom’s nights, play dates, etc.)!
2. Show-n-tell – Please bring something from summer to share with a small group of other kids your age (from vacation, from family things, from school projects, from the creek, from the ER, etc.)
3. Presidential Fitness Preview – Daryl Kucera from Fast Forward will come visit with our group about some neat plans for the Presidential Fitness Challenge.
4. Free Gym Time

What to bring:
1. Bring ONE of your favorite curriculum finds this year…Only ONE thing! Please make sure it is labeled with your name. We’ll have them in one of the classrooms for you to browse through during the meeting. Feel free to ask questions!
2. Bring your calendars so we can set our 1st Mom’s Night Out!
Kids: Bring a water bottle and something for show-n-tell!

Just for Moms:
I’ll have some sign up sheets for some things this year. Please prayfully consider how you can help us out! We will have sign up sheets for you to:
· Host a Mom’s night out (ie: playing bunco, curriculum share, cookie exchange, wine/cheese/cracker night, game night, etc.).
· Lead a large group PE activity during our monthly meeting once during the year (you pick which one…Oct, Dec, Jan, Feb, Apr)
· Lead a craft activity in November or February
· Someone to help out with helping the kids do some short plays for the year?!?!?!?

We would like to work on communication skills this year with the kids, so you will start to see something small every month that will help them become more confident with speaking in a group setting! Please start to talk to them about this and introduce this concept. We know every child is different and each child’s comfort level varies, however, everyone has expressed an interest in spending time on this skill!

I look forward to starting the year off! Please call or email me if you have ANY questions! Don’t forget to check out the new blog site! There is lots of info on the site, including a calendar of activities!

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