Thursday, September 11, 2008


What is it about Thursdays, November and February? I get tired when all of them come around. It just seems tougher to keep the normal rountine going! After nearly 3 weeks of school, I get tempted to slack off or get distracted and not complete my housework or our schoolwork. What is that all about? I know we have worked hard all week (or all year) and everyone is pretty tired. I know the weekend is right around the corner. I also know I should just push through it and I am ALWAYS bummed out when I do actually let myself slack off! In a proactive measure, I have scheduled lighter school days on Friday. So, today...I will not slack off! I will keep on track and do my chores and the school work we've scheduled! I will look forward to our lightly scheduled Friday! Hope you have a great Thursday!

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