Wednesday, August 6, 2008

O! Please say yes next time!

Many of you know our family O! story. For those of you who do not, last fall we toured around to photograph all of the O!s in Omaha. I did not do this voluntarily at first. It took my girls roping their grandparents into the project for me to get on board. Our oldest daughter was the driver behind the idea. It turned into quite a long day (finding and photographing all 22 O!s in one day) and then turned into a large (literally and figuratively) 4-H project (did I mention her project earned a purple ribbon and was selected to go to State Fair?).

Many times as Moms and especially homeschoolers, we are too quick to tell our kids "no" or "not now" or "maybe later". After all, we do have school to do! I know I am guilty of putting my kids off 100 times more than I say yes to them (maybe because they ask so often!). Regardless, there are times when we should just take a deep breath and go for it. They really do have neat ideas. They really do get excited about them. They really do value being listened to from their parents. So the next time your kids ask you to do something you really don't think you have the time or energy to do, just say yes and try it!

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