Thursday, August 14, 2008

Product Reviews

The Old Schoolhouse has a couple of new products out that they asked some people to review. One of them was the Schoolhouse Planner and the other was the digital version of their magazine.
The Schoolhouse Planner
Many of you may have seen this planner advertised and if you were like me you were mildly intrigued! Could all the forms you need really be in one fantastic planner? I downloaded the sample pages and read all the bullet points, but still wasn't really sure! The marketing and the sample pages don't even come close to how cool this planner is! From a planner-a-holic to the non-planner, this is a GREAT and easy tool to use! I downloaded mine into a pdf format. The planner starts out with calendars and lots of them as well as tidbits of really useful information (ie: timeline of inventions, countries & capitals, and period table of elements just to name a few). One of the great things about this planner is that you can make it your own. With the pdf format, you just type in your information and print! EASY! There are literally hundreds of forms in the planner. You pick which homeschool, household or calendar planning pages you like best, customize it to your own and you are set!
Digital The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Subscription
The magazine comes to you in an email and then you click a link to view it. I am in favor of ANYTHING that reduces the paper in our houses, so this was a neat idea and email is a great way to get it to me! I am still, however, someone who still likes to "flip" through the pages of a magazine or a book. Luckily, TOS has considered that and the graphics of their digital magazine provides that feeling! My favorite parts of the digital magazine is the ability to link to the websites or urls from the actual article or advertisement for more information as well as the convenience of being able to send the article to a friend!

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