Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Vacations are a fun, fun time! I remember camping trips from when I was a child! I loved those times with my family. Doesn't everyone just love vacations?!?!?

The past two weeks, we spent time with our family on an actual vacation! What fun it was to get up and have nothing on the calendar, but spend time with family. I loved being able to just drive down to the beach in the mule (even if it was cooler than expected) and play in the sand with an adorable dog (how cute is he?!?!) who adopted after day! BTW, we DIDN'T bring him home!
The girls have some extraordinary memories that will last a lifetime!We were relaxed and took the time to be together! What a blessing that time was to our family.

As homeschoolers, we have the benefit to create our own vacation days. Please be purposeful in doing that! Mark out time on your calendar and in your schedule for your special days with your kids and family! Make it special and take advantage of the flexiblity you have!

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